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How to how the selection of office furniture?

 Office furniture generally have 5 kinds of color: black, grey, brown, dark red and blue. Usually, different kinds of gray to desk; Black, brown for the boss chair and reception desks and chairs; Blue and dark red for office chair. Because, blue is quietly elegant, do not break lively; Red is serious, there is no lack of lively; Black, brown, always give a person NingChongGan, use them to decorate the meeting room, will prompt you focus your thinking in general, office colorific configuration must, in accordance with the principle of "big leap, little harmony".

Each color has its own language, it will send out to your colleagues and customers some mental messages. For example, black gives a person of loneliness, but at the same time also have a noble and solemn; Let a person feel the old brown, but not ?
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